Our History

In the fall of 2001, I was sitting at home, studying for a message I was asked to share at church. I've always been drawn to the great quotes from men and women who have gone before us, especially those with a proven, clear and eternal perspective. Many times I've been refreshed and re-focused by their testimony of faith and passion for Christ. People like Martin Luther, Hudson Taylor and Jim Elliot have penned inspiring truths for us to feast on.

I decided to use the internet to search for some relevant quotes. To my amazement, I couldn't find a single website that focused on quality Christian quotes. I found ridiculous pages filled with lukewarm, silly quotes, uninspiring websites selling Christian bath supplies and banners linking to get rich quick schemes. Where on the internet could I find popular quotes by early church fathers, reformers, missionaries and martyrs? I thought to myself, "Somebody needs to provide this for the body of Christ, preserve this treasure in a format that is easy to use, all in one place and free."

I realize now that God was directing that moment, and using my frustration! I was a project manager at a web company and we had at our disposal the talent and willingness to create this site. With the help of Coy Lothrop and Ed Wellein (who still work with me today at www.cypressinteractive.com), we designed the first Christian Quotes website and secured the Christianquotes.org domain (which was also a little miracle). I, along with two close friends Art Bradshaw and Matt Mason, started collecting our favorite Christian quotes, and compiling them into the Christian Quotes database. We initially launched with about 100 quotes, and immediately the site began receiving daily visitors. Little did we know what we had built would touch the masses, encourage troops overseas, minister to broken marriages, and encourage missionaries. It was only the beginning.

Ten years later, the site now ranks #1 on Google and several other search engines for Christian Quote searches. We receive over 1,500 unique visitors per day, from all around the world. We have over 1200 powerful quotes now in our database, updated weekly. We receive many emails of encouragement from our site visitors, suggestions, and yes, corrections! We are committed to being a blessing for the Kingdom of God, our efforts are voluntary, our services free.

God has blessed this site and we enjoy the opportunity to promote truth and light on the internet. These quotes are not scripture. They are not the living word. But they do point to the One who can save, heal and deliver. They remind us of the sacrifices throughout history for the Kingdom of God and the gospel. They point to a higher standard of service to our King, and passion for His glory & Kingdom. I hope you'll appreciate the great lives represented in our collection, and think upon their sayings.

My wife and I now live as missionaries in Ukraine - you can learn more by visiting our blog www.liftupyoureyes.org.

A special thanks to Art Bradshaw for all his efforts on this site. He continues to keep it fresh, maintains our Facebook Fan page and answer some of the many emails we get every day.

"May the Lamb that was slain, receive the due reward of His suffering!"

Bruce & Deb Crowe



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