Art Bradshaw

First and foremost let me say that I am a Christian and have been for 24 years now. Thank You Lord!! I love the One who died for me. After this I am glad for my happy marriage of over ten years to my wonderful, first and only wife, Tracy. We also have been blessed with three precious children - Kenny, Janie, and Victoria. Beyond my family, teaching History has been my main occupation for twelve years at a local Christian school here in East Texas (the green part of TX). My love for quotes probably began as I read and prepared for my classes. Reading great stories and adventures of great Christians really stoked my faith, and helped to guide and challenge me, as they do today. A friend once told me that "Books are bullets in the war of ideas." I use to agree, but books seem more like heavy artillery in this war than bullets...a great quote seems more like a bullet in this war to me - small, powerful and able to inflict damage. They are great for summarizing a thought on a particular subject, great to pass on to a needy friend, and also great for sermons and speeches. My goal is and has been to have the best quotes on the web for Christians. My prayer is that you also will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired as you take time out of your day to read these great quotes by some of the best Christian minds. Because of Him, Art Bradshaw.